Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Another week, another challenge for GRS Homes

Just as we’re nearing completion of our town centre development, we’ve now been asked to do something else we’re known for and that’s to build an extension, this time to a beautiful Victorian villa.

This has so far involved the demolition of a garage, which will be replaced by a superb kitchen diner.
The job will take us around six weeks and require a dozen tradesmen – with me supervising, of course.
And it’s not merely a question of building a simple add-on, it’s much more complex than that. For example, the work will include a new ‘’floating’’ balcony – one without visible support – which means the steel used first has to be galvanised. Once the steel is in we will counterbalance the balcony by inserting the steel four metres back.

Our steel is sourced from a fabricator in California, which you might think is a long way to go...but it’s the California near Falkirk I mean.  The new addition is nothing if not adventurous – it will include a cathedral roof!

We’re nothing if not versatile at GRS Homes and all this means we’re now working across two sites at the same time – not bad for a small company.

But that doesn’t mean we’re not looking for the next venture – we’re already scoping out further opportunities. In fact, if you see us in the Woodside Inn or the Wheatsheaf, we’re probably deep in creative mode!


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