Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A great compliment for GRS Homes

It’s always good when you get an unexpected compliment from a fellow professional and that’s what happened to GRS Homes last week.

I was working at our almost-completed town centre development when I noticed a stranger walking around the site, taking pictures on a mobile phone.

Naturally, I was curious as to why this was, and I approached him, admittedly suspicious of his being there. He then asked me who the developer was and I told him it was me.

He then said he was an architect and that he had seen the development from a distance, had been impressed by the building work and design and had walked down to see for himself close up. He said the standard of design and work was excellent and he wanted to capture that in photographs – another testimonial for our company!

As discussed, the town centre site is almost done and all the houses have been sold. And the extension work at the beautiful Victorian villa is also progressing well.

We’re now looking at what promises to be an exciting future for GRS Homes and without giving too much away, we have possibly identified out next project – we never stop! It’s no wonder we enjoy our stress breaks in the Woodside and Wheatsheaf.

Cheers until next week

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