Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Now that we’re well into April, when the clocks have just changed, it’s time to look both back and forward.
Our town centre development in Falkirk has been completed bang on schedule and all our new homes are sold, which is testament to the hard work of my guys – and I did the odd bit too!

Work on the extension and conversion of the Victorian villa in Falkirk is also running to plan and I have to say it’s looking good. We’ve even broken new ground by using high-quality material normally found in commercial buildings to add that special touch.

But now we’re looking at where we go from here and we’re excited about what might be on the horizon.


It’s widely accepted that the UK economy is on the up after the dreadful recession which affected us all. But I wonder how many Scots are really seeing that? It’s true, however, that the construction industry, one of the first to suffer in the downturn, is showing signs of revival, however slight.

But we at GRS Homes tried to recognise those hard times during the downturn by making our new builds extremely competitive in price and I know that our purchasers have been appreciative of that. In fact, we've found that people who started out as clients have over the years become friends and Liz and I have been to many of their family functions, including weddings, as a result.


But what now for us and companies like us? We’re scoping out our future – do we revert to building rural developments with paddocks and equestrian facilities between Glasgow and Edinburgh, or do we concentrate on our town centre building which has proven so popular?

One thing that we can be certain of is that those who want to move forward can’t stand still. So we’re currently casting an eye over some possibilities and we’re now finding that we’re being contacted by agents who have recognised the unique design, spec and quality of what we've done before.

Spare our blushes, but they’re bringing to our attention hard-to-come-by, top-level opportunities because they know we can make the best of what might be a special site. It certainly makes a change from driving round with my PR guy looking for spare ground with potential!


Oh, and one last word to the hungry folk of the central belt. We can highly recommend the new cafe at the Coasters leisure complex in Falkirk...their scrambled eggs and bacon wraps are superb. Grace, you’re a star!

Cheers, Graham.

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